How Can Dalechek Technology Group Help Me?

Microsoft is changing SQL Licensing and my hardware is getting old, but my business expects me to house data. How can I keep from getting hit with huge SQL capital all at once?

Dalechek experts can help recommend cloud solutions, virtualization, and data warehousing solutions. Learn more here.

We need some short-term help on our help desk. Where can I find knowledgeable, personal engineers?

We can set up a Managed Service Agreement to provide staff augmentation, helpdesk support, and VCIO services. Learn more about managed services.

We need to stay competitive and operate on maximum efficiencies. How can I gain additional insights into our business?

We consult on a variety of analytics tools and can also provide strategic insights through Virtual Chief Information Officer services. Learn more here.

I’m thinking of getting out of the Exchange business. What are my email management options?

Discover all of the ways we can help with an Office 365 migration or recommendations for other support services. Learn more here.

I need to improve proficiencies in my department. How can I reduce my staffing costs while increasing our knowledge, systems and processes?

Learn how Dalechek can be your Managed Service Provider, helping with RMM, vCIO, and BI Projects. 

I have limited IT resources. How can I automate to stay in control, whether on the cloud or on-premises.

Click to learn how we can help you control costs and anticipate needs with automation.

I’m having problems ensuring my data remains on-premises. How can I make sure my email remains secure?

Learn about Office365.